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Spa Music is ideal for the complete relaxation experience. A visit to a spa therapy centre for massage, aromatherapy, hot stones or whatever tickles your fancy is not complete without the soothing and peaceful back drop of some relaxing spa music. Listen free on this website or buy 6  albums for only $24.99 mp3 download only. (Click on link above for more info and free downloads)


 The Sands of Time





The music is normally from the new age genre which was developed from the 1970 onwards. It could be layers of lush keyboards or synthesizers, gentle piano, flute or ethnic instruments, or even chanting. This kind of style s also used as  meditation music or yoga music. It is suited to meditation because  the atmosphere of the music is often calming yet thought proving. It leas you gently and seductively out of the exterior world to the hidden and peaceful realms of the inner. That is why it is so suitable for spa therapies and relaxation.





Dealing with stress can be stressful in its self but the healing and soothing power of music can go a long way to calming us and centering us. Everyday we are surrounded by sounds and music that are often too loud or irritating, bombarding the senses and causing us to be unhinged and irritable. It is amazing what influence sound can really have on us. That is why relaxing  music can  help induce us to a state of calm and act as an antidote to all that noise and bustle of everyday life. Music and sound can be good or bad for us but there is no doubt that this kind of music is definitely good for you.


Also it is worth trying guided meditations as a simple and inspired way to try meditation. Having a guide lead you through meditation may be easier than doing it yourself especially if you are a beginner.




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